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Residential & Commercial Septic Tank Cleaning in Thorhild

Locally owned and operated Can-Dale Vacuum Service has more than 2 decades of experience providing industry-leading service to homes and businesses in Thorhild and the surrounding region. Using the latest in septic tank cleaning tools, our crew will have your home or business’s tank cleaned to the highest standards of quality. Our services are perfect for property owners, farmers, gas stations, car washes and garages throughout the area. Contact us today to schedule service!

Septic Tank Cleaning Procedures

When you trust Can-Dale Vacuum Service for your residential or commercial septic tank cleaning in Thorhild, you can rest assured that a highly trained and experienced team is working hard to clean your tank quickly and effectively. We ask that if possible, you keep a water hose nearby to help our crew remove solids, sludge and rocks that could potentially clog your septic pump. All of the solids from the solid side of the tank should be removed. Can-Dale Vacuum Service will backwash your system to break up hard crust. Our cleaning service will prevent crust from plugging up the cross-over line of your tank. Water should be put back into the grey water side of the tank so the seal remains intact on the pump.


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Our friendly team is committed to your complete satisfaction. Feel free to watch us work and ask questions to ensure your septic tank is being cleaned properly.

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