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Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

Can-Dale Vacuum Service knows that regular septic tank cleaning is far less expensive than replacing your entire septic system. Follow these simple precautions to avoid backups and clogs in your septic system.

• Refrain from putting feminine

  products into your system because

  they can plug the lines from the

  house to the septic tank.

• Baby wipes and face wipes can plug

  the pumps and should also not be

  placed into your septic system.

• Avoid placing grease into your

  system because it will plug lines

  throughout the septic field.

• Do not place diapers in your tank

  because they can form a mass and

  clog your septic system.

Benefits of Residential & Commercial Septic Tank Maintenance

Can-Dale Vacuum Service has provided experienced septic tank cleaning and general vacuuming services to home and business owners throughout Thorhild for 20 years. Regular cleaning from our crew can:

• Remove odours from your home or business

• Reduce the likelihood of a septic tank emergency like an overflow

• Decrease the amount of poisonous and flammable gases

Septic Tank Maintenance Schedule

Can-Dale Vacuum Service has kept residential and commercial septic tanks working properly in Thorhild for 20 years. Different types of septic systems require different cleaning and maintenance schedules. Follow the tips below or schedule a septic tank cleaning by calling us now.

• Clean field systems every year to reduce the possibility of solids or sludge entering

  underground pipes and causing plugs.

• New pumps that have screens should be cleaned by our professional septic tank

  cleaning team once a year.

• Open discharge systems should be cleaned every 2 years to prevent solids from

  causing pump failure and blockages in the lines.


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